The New York Times and BuzzFeed

The New York Times and Buzzfeed are very different news organizations. They are aiming for different demographics and purposes. The NY Times is a serious organization that aims for a liberal demographic. BuzzFeed is an entertainment website that is a platform for younger, liberal people.



The New York Times is an institution in the journalism world. They are known for being left wing and well regarded among journalists around the world. Recently they have taken on the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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The New York Times covers all different types of topics including business, arts, politics, technology, and world news.

Though starting off as traditional newspaper, it has successfully made the transition to online editions. The ability to have a successful online presence is really remarkable. The ability to integrate traditional articles and multimedia is what has enabled the The New York Times to continue to be popular.

Multimedia at The New York Times



BuzzFeed is an online platform that focuses mostly on pop culture and is targeted mostly to millennials and younger generations. BuzzFeed’s purpose is entertainment. It exists completely online and relies on its viewers/readers to share its content.

BuzzFeed has a community-like atmosphere. Readers can vote on articles, videos, and quizzes.  There are 5 different categories: lol, wtf, omg, cute, and trending articles.

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BuzzFeed heavily uses multimedia to relate information.

Multimedia at BuzzFeed