Supernatural is More Than Just a Cult Hit

My newest (and oldest?) obsession is Supernatural! On a whim, I decided to revisit this show that I actually started watching when it first came out. Supernatural is about 2 brothers, Sam and Dean, who hunt evil together.


Supernatural is a show about the darkest parts of humanity and how family can overcome it. Humanity is a little general considering the Winchester brothers hunt and fight things that aren’t really human. The monsters range from ghost to ghouls (they aren’t even close to the same thing) to demons to gods.

This show has been around for awhile (2005 to be exact) and it has just as many fans as the beginning. This cult hit has multiple conventions every year with many actors, including the stars, attending. The following is kind of underground. Anyone you know could be a Supernatural fan without you realizing it. I’m being serious- ask a random friend!


Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki)

This show for all of its CW drama and dialogue is very real and genuine. Sam and Dean Winchester would literally do anything for one another (and often do). The thing that I forgot about, and what surprised me the most, was the emotional connection that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki create with one another and the audience. This is the key to the entire show. Their intense bond creates a setting for which all of the monster hunting  becomes plausible and relatable. This is where other supernatural (heh) shows fall short and fail. Even when Supernatural does some crazy shit, it totally works because the brothers’ bond is constant.

There are so many elements that I need to talk about that I’m going to write another blog about Supernatural so be on the lookout!


(Part 1)


The Oscars 2018: ICYMI

The 90th Oscars were yesterday and I can safely say I saw most of the films nominated. I made it my mission to watch, at the very least, all of the films nominated for Best Picture. The only film I didn’t see was The Post because I couldn’t find a good copy online.


Sam Rockwell and Frances McDormand in 3 Billboards

Three Billboards Outside of Ebbings, Missouri – The arc and transformation of the characters is what really made this film special. Martin McDonagh’s ability to completely change the audience’s mind about a racist cop from the beginning to end of this film is honestly crazy. The performances are absolutely amazing. (This film won Best Supporting Actor – Sam Rockwell and Best Actress – Frances McDormand)


Saoirse Ronan and Beanie Feldstein in Lady Bird

Lady Bird – I identified with this film so much. I think that a serious coming of age film about a teenage girl (that wasn’t about sex) is very important!! I cried about 5 times and I am Lady Bird’s friend, Julie (obsessed with theater, older men, and not cool enough).


Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones in The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water – This film was a no from me. I definitely appreciate Guillermo Del Toro’s gorgeous and distinct style, but the film just didn’t catch my attention. This is simply very, very beautiful (the production design is A+) but the storyline is just too far. She has sex with a fish man!!!!!!! (This film won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Music Score, Best Production Design)


Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour – I watched this film on accident without realizing that it was nominated. My boyfriend’s obsession with history and Winston Churchill pushed me into a film I would have never picked out myself. It’s a great historical film that tells the story of Winston Churchill’s decisions to fight Hitler instead of negotiating with him. Gary Oldman is unrecognizable as Churchill. (This film won Best Actor – Gary Oldman and Best Makeup and Hairstyling)


Daniel Day-Lewis and Vicky Krieps in Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread – This film was so interesting and disconcerting. It was no what the trailers portrayed it to be. It was slow, but the ending/ conclusion is completely worth it and Daniel Day Lewis was, of course, amazing and very method. (This film won Best Costume Design)


Tom Hardy in Dunkirk

Dunkirk – I hate to say it, but I also didn’t care about this film at all … until I saw it. Every single shot in this film is beautiful. There are multiple storylines that totally immerse the audience in the film. The best part of this film is how the score accompanies and enhances the film instead of distracting from it. (This film won Best Film Editing, Best Sounding Editing, and Best Sound Mixing)


Sebastian Stan and Margot Robbie in I, Tonya

I, Tonya – This biopic has phenomenal acting and dramatic retelling of this true story. Allison Janney and Margot Robbie are dynamic as these real life characters. My only question is how did they make it look like Robbie was doing a triple axel?? (This film won Best Supporting Actress – Allison Janney)

Here are the rest of the winners:

Best Foreign Language Film – A Fantastic Woman

Best Documentary Short – Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405

Best Documentary Feature – Icarus

Best Original Song – “Remember Me” from Coco

Best Animated Feature Film – Coco

Best Adapted Screenplay – Call Me By Your Name

Best Original Screenplay – Get Out

Best Cinematography – Blade Runner 2049

Best Animated Short Film – “Dear Basketball”

Best Live Action Short Film – The Silent Child”

Best Visual Effects – Blade Runner 2049

Call Me By Your Name

I need to gush about Call Me By Your Name, an absolutely gorgeous film with 2 amazing actors. From the beginning, it strikes me as a classic, foreign film. This is probably because it was filmed in Crema, Italy using 35 mm film and has many scenes in French and Italian. (There are subtitles for you scaredy cats!!!) This film is based on a novel with the same name about a 17 year old boy experiencing his first love, a 24 year old graduate student Oliver, in Italy in the summer of 1987.


Luca Guadagnino, a native of Italy, spends much of the film showcasing the beauty of the location with long, wide shots. The characters in some shots are minuscule compared to the location.


This shot ends with the characters, Elio and Oliver, beyond the view of the audience with nothing but a wide shot of nature

The real thing I need to talk about is Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet!!!!!!! These 2 actors bring vulnerability to film that makes the audience relate deeply to their characters. Hammer’s confidence and Chalamet’s quiet self-consciousness creates a tension that is hard to keep your eyes off of.


Also Armie Hammer wears very short shorts  for most of the movie. I couldn’t find a good picture so watch to see…



(I want to acknowledge that there is large age difference (shall we say- inappropriate) between the 2 characters. I don’t think that should bring down the work that was put into the film and it doesn’t dismiss the very genuine connection many people have with it.)

It’s Oscars Season!!!

I haven’t been very motivated to write these past couple months. It feels like I haven’t been watching as much or doing much of anything really. I went home for the holidays and saw my family. Thank god its Oscars season!!!

I’m ashamed to admit I’ve only seen a handful of the nominated films. I plan on watching all of the films at least nominated for Best Picture. I think I will write reviews for each the films either in one big post or couple parts. For reference, I have already seen Get Out  (2017) and Baby Driver (2017). 

If anyone was curious, Baby Driver, directed by Edgar Wright, has only been nominated for Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Film Editing. (Its really weird I’m saying “only” as if being nominated for those categories isn’t very impressive.) My point is that Edgar Wright’s film could have been nominated for a lot more!!! I highly recommend seeing it.


First on my list to watch is Call Me By Your Name, directed by Luca Guadagnino. A slightly inappropriate, gay summer romance starring Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet is everything I could have asked for. I can already feel myself squealing during this film.


Student Loans Can Suck My Ass

I think everyday I have an existential crisis. The reality of adult life is hitting me more and more everyday. You work for the rest of your life to pay bills. This just means you have to find your own joy.


Spoiler alert: I haven’t found it yet.

Anyway onto the loan discussion:

Sallie Mae is a bitch. I don’t understand how a person (I’m assuming the company is named after or owned by someone) can take such joy in stealing money from hardworking students who need a degree to get a job.


A visual representation of my feelings

I mean I am the future of this country. Okay, that’s a little too presumptuous, but some people (not me) might be the next president or something. But seriously, it’s ridiculous how much we all pay for something that is basically required to do anything. I can only look forward to when I pay off my student loans in a couple decades.


Also I’ve been watching Seinfeld recently and I would like the 90’s style to come back.

Where Were the AHS Stans for Roanoke????

(I’m writing this post in honor of my roommates, my boyfriend, and I. We are going to a haunted asylum tour at 1 am to see some ghosts. Hopefully we don’t die.)

Last weekend, I binged the whole 6th season of American Horror Story: Roanoke. The AHS success has popularized a unique form of television; each season has different themes/storylines/characters, but the actors are pretty much all the same from season to season. It’s like the SNL of horror.


This season is told as a true crime story. A couple (Lily Rabe and Andre Holland) tell their “Roanoke Nightmare” in a sit down interview while actors (Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr) reenact the story.


‘Real life’ Matt and Shelby Miller

“My Roanoke Nightmare” aired in 2015 and ‘is a huge success’ (in the AHS universe, of course). For the second season, the producer, played by Cheyenne Jackson, has the actors and the real couple come back to house where the haunting happened. The ‘reality’ is shown purposefully: the couple break down in interviews, the producer is shown on camera, and we even see fans of the ‘tv show.’ It is honestly the bloodiest, craziest season of American Horror Story I have ever seen. The fact that Sarah Paulson plays 2 people is stunning. Both characters are distinct and believable.


Sarah Paulson playing an actor playing Shelby Miller

This season has a quiet terror to it. It is not as distinctly weird or fantastical as Murder House or Freak Show. There is a gritty reality that settles over you. This season take meta to the extreme: mixing story and reality in a way that is mind blowing and scary. This element is what makes it so haunting. We are the fans that get murdered because they refuse to believe the story is real. That unnerving eeriness is what really gets to me.

So my final question is: Where was the hype last year?? (I most definitely mean both of those questions marks.) Every season is usually so popular. Where were the AHS stans? Maybe they’ll appreciate this incredible season now that they can binge it on Netflix.

It (2017) Review

Every time I post I feel like I have to say I’m back. Usually, I get inspired and I have to start typing. This weekend I was inspired by It (2017), based on the Stephen King novel. The film and novel focuses on a group of friends who battle a demon that takes the shape of a clown. Every 27 years, It awakens and kills children. The novel tells the story of the kids and then later in their adulthood 27 years later. The film has a coming of age element mixed with classic Americana small town horror.


Pennywise (portrayed by Bill Skarsgård)

Going into the film, I honestly didn’t really care about it. I’ve never really cared about Stephen King novels before. I only was going because my boyfriend, who is a Stephen King and horror movie fanatic, really wanted to go. I am very happy that he dragged me to the movie theater.

It is a fantastically well made film. Anyone looking for a great film, Stephen King adaptation, and a horror movie has come to right place. Never in my life have I ever seen a movie twice in theaters. I saw It again the next day.

The highlight of this movie is the child actors. THESE KIDS ARE GOOD! I’m so upset we aren’t getting the chance to see them play their older selves in 27 years. (My secret wish is for the second part to come out in 27 years. How cool and meta would that be?!) They embody these characters to a tee. They are dynamic and emotional actors and their performances add as much to the film as editing, music, directing, and production design does combined. The film would not have worked if the losers club did not have the talent and chemistry of seasoned actors. (Please enjoy this YouTube video of the kids talking about their roles.)


So here is the one con to this film… it’s so well made, I forgot to be afraid. The plot development, camera work, and acting are so good that I couldn’t focus on anything else. Bill Skarsgård is so scary and demonic as Pennywise, but I could sleep at night afterwards. I think that that will be It‘s downfall. The storyline and filmmaking is actually distracting from the horror of it all. (The truth is we only like our horror movies to have barely there plots and jump scares.)

BOTTOM LINE: I LOVED IT!! It (2017) will be a classic horror film. 10/10 would watch 27 more times in theaters.

Insidious V. The Conjuring: James Wan’s Directing (Also Patrick Wilson is hot AF)

My brother first introduced me to George Romero’s Living Dead series (Night of the Living Dead etc) and the Evil Dead series and that’s where my love for horror grew. Among my favorites are 28 Days Later, Insidious, Paranormal Activity, and The Conjuring. 

The Conjuring Series and Insidious (plus the sequel) have 2 people in common: James Wan, the director, and Patrick Wilson, who plays the lead character in both films.

James Wan first gained success with the horror series, Saw. His directing changed the genre back in 2004. The deliberate gore pushed the limits of mainstream horror. Insidious offers a much more psychological and fantastical version of horror. It got some terrible reviews mostly for the let down in the second half. The demon was too cartoonish to be scary for most viewers.

Personally, the buildup and storyline is really well done. Insidious‘ story is complex enough to draw viewers in, but simple enough to follow. (No one wants to rewatch Inception!!!!) The world in Insidious, created by Leigh Whannell, is just as creepy and intense as The Conjuring universe. BUT there is a degree more grittiness because The Conjuring is rooted in reality.

Wan’s directing reflects the change in mood. The shadowing is very similar, but the coloring of the 2 films is completely different. The colors in the top picture are dull and dark while in the second the colors are still rich and expressive. This versatility in mood IN THE SAME GENRE is pretty awesome.


The Conjuring (2013)

Insidious 2011 movie scene(2)

Insidious (2010)

The only reason I mentioned Patrick Wilson is talk about his adaptability and how hot he is. My roommates would say that he is “daddy af” (I’m not going to explain what that means). the-conjuringWilson is able to make the jump from modern day father (who gets possessed) to 1970’s paranormal investigator. Wilson is also great in Fargo!!!

Sorry I’ve been gone… I GOT A JOB THO

I’m back again. I’ve been gone for so long because I GOT A FULL TIME JOB!!!!!!!!!!


I am now a customer care analyst at a startup company, Nurx. Here’s a shameless plug for my job: Nurx is an online service that makes getting birth control and PReP easy and quick. You can get your prescription and medication through us and then it will be shipped to your door! I really like it so far and I’m learning about the wonders of healthcare and insurance.

My current problem is that I don’t get paid until the end of the month which is terrible. I hate that you have to skip a payday when you first start a job. I WANT MY MONEY NOW. I need it for stuff and things.


Okay so here’s a list of everything I’ve been watching since I’ve been gone…

  • The Walking Dead (the American classic)
  • Boys Over Flowers (a very interesting Korean Drama)
  • Kingdom (NICK JONAS IS A BOXER… need I say more?)
  • The Bachelorette (RACHEL PICKED THE WRONG MAN)
  • Younger (Hilary 4ever)
  • Annabelle: Creation and other movies I can’t remember

I will definitely be writing some posts about these shows (and maybe The Conjuring universe) soon so be on the look out!

Thanks for hanging in while I adjusted to my new adult life.

This is Old News, but “Younger” is Amazing!

So I’ve given in and applied to a job at the mall. Yes, I’m throwing it back to high school and I may be working a minimum wage job. The scary thing is I don’t mind because I’m that desperate for a job. The couple of jobs where I got interviews didn’t work out and I think it’s mostly because I don’t have “experience.” I honestly think that employers want 40 year old women to apply to these jobs. Even entry level jobs require some experience. And for the record, I have had jobs before. My job (and internships!!!!!!!!!!) at school should count.

I just started watching the show Younger. I’m aware that I’m very late to this party. This show actually premiered in 2015 and is currently on it’s 4th season. Younger is about Liza, a 40 year old woman who is trying to make in the publishing business. Like many older women, she stopped her career to have children. When she realizes that being 40 isn’t helping her at all, Liza disguises herself as a 26 year old. The show sounds crazy, but thanks to Hilary Duff (YEAH THAT’S RIGHT) and Sutton Foster, who plays Liza, the storyline totally works.


Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster

The great thing about this show is that it not only depicts an older woman’s struggle, but the post grad struggles too.


Look at this QUEEN

Liza and Kelsey (Hilary Duff’s character) experience terrible bosses, making extra cash, dating, and even student loan debt. Hilary Duff plays an editor at the publishing company and Liza’s bff. I’m happy to say the Hilary is just as amazing now as in her Disney Channel days. She is gorgeous, smart, and fabulous. I think that her youthful perspective (and the fact that it’s Hilary FUCKING Duff) really draws in the post grad crowd.

I really enjoy this show because Liza and Kelsey are struggling, but they’re making it and that gives me hope. I will be as fabulous as Lizzie McGuire all grown up!

The first 3 seasons of Younger are available on Hulu.