My Glee Obsession

So I’ve been away for so long because of my renewed obsession with Glee. I recently started rewatching the show from the beginning because it’s a classic. Not in the typical sense of the word, but it created a cultural phenomenon and opened the door for shows that included singing like Galavant, Empire, live TV musicals, and that one season of American Horror Story (Freak Show).


The snarky and quirky tone was very different from anything else on television. And this show tackled issues that many shows were just beginning to acknowledge like sexual orientation, discrimination, and gender. The show’s political correctness and campy style often made it seem ridiculous. Those qualities were actually what contributed to the genius of it. The show sometimes didn’t make any sense and had some serious continuity issues (people literally changed ages and there was NO EXPLANATION) , but it made some really good points about very serious issues.

cory-monteith-lea-michele-glee-zoom-35652e55-9202-4ab5-a9ed-b9c0220a870eGlee also gave us Cory Monteith and some amazing covers (The Whitney Houston tribute is my favorite episode ever). The anniversary of Cory’s death just passed. He was a break out star who had a future ahead of him. Even after I had stopped watching the show, his death took me by surprise and really affected me. There was something so genuine about his performance as Finn Hudson. Plus the fact that Leah Michele played his onscreen girlfriend made his death even more heartbreaking. She lost two boyfriends instead of one. I highly recommend watching the tribute to Cory, “The Quarterback” episode (season 5 episode 3). It’s the saddest thing I have ever seen, but honestly does Cory and Finn justice.

After rewatching the whole show, I can say that Glee was able to successfully continue after graduating their main characters, adding new characters, and moving half the cast to New York City. Not many shows are able to make the transition from high school drama to adult drama. Glee managed to find a perfect balance between the high school world and college life in New York City. By the way the whole series is on Netflix if you’re looking to watch it all or only find a special themed episode.


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