Syracuse Summers

Syracuse summers are no joke. They are hot, sticky, and long. After moving into my new apartment (and meeting my roommates’ cats!!!), I have escaped to my boyfriend’s house in Oswego because:

a) He has air conditioning

b) He has wifi

c) I also love him


Actual photo of me in the Syracuse heat

It turns out that air conditioning and wifi are essential to post grad life here in Syracuse. How else can I search for jobs, watch Netflix, and be comfortable? Even though this might be one of the snowiest cities in America, it has (imo) the hottest summers. This is coming from a girl who grew up without an air conditioner in my house (for 22 very long years). I’m very used to the heat, but I can’t stand it up in Syracuse. There is something so draining and unappetizing to the humidity here. The thing is outside and my apartment are still going to be hot. I cannot run away to the air conditioning (and my boyfriend’s house) forever.

Maybe the key to post grad life is learning to stand the heat long enough to get an ‘air conditioner’ (excuse my terrible analogy). My new job is just around the corner. I just have to have faith that it’s coming. I’ll keep applying and calling and working the random odd jobs until I finally get something full time with benefits. I guess that’s the American dream.


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