Packing up my Childhood Room… Is it Time to Start Screaming Yet?

I’m currently packing and getting ready to move in to my new apartment this coming weekend! (I’m screaming and crying at the same time.) And of course that involves the typical things like job hunting, changing my address on documents, and packing up my childhood room.


It’s a very weird feeling that I will no longer be living at home. Even while I was away at school, I always came home in the summer and during breaks so it was still my room. This time around, I’m actually moving into a place. I signed A LEASE. It’s only for a year, but still. I have lived here for 22 years of my life. Even though my room was dirty and I always kinda of hated it, I had a place to come back to.

I have stuff from many, many obsessions over the course of my childhood: Elvis, Harry Potter, The Cheetah Girls, The Jonas Brothers, The Royal Family. The feeling of nostalgia is so strong. I’m so thankful for growing up in the Hudson Valley, that my parents let me be obsessed with so many random things, and that I had a happy childhood. This is sad, but it also feels amazing to finally get rid of everything I don’t use or need. A little girl (or boy) out there is gonna be so excited when they see all the stuff covered with cheetah prints and princesses. I’m obsessively hoarding all of my Harry Potter memorabilia because I want to show my kids the series and let them use the stuff.

Moving out is a part of growing up and I’m excited for the future. Plus my new apartment is so pretty!!

(I’ll add some pictures of my room and me as a child when I get the chance)


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