Which comes first: moving or the job?

This is an ancient post graduate riddle. What come first: the move or the job?

So I’m moving back to Syracuse, home of Orange basketball (Jim Boeheim 4ever) and the Chiefs (no longer Sky Chiefs, people).



Jim BAEheim- Syracuse University’s basketball coach


I’m currently home which is the Hudson Valley aka farmland and malls. I literally live near two farms. And by no means am I a city girl. I like to keep my trips to NYC to day trips only. The abundance of choices short circuits my brain. I just want something that’s in-between the two- like Syracuse.

My current dilemma is which comes first: getting a job or moving to Syracuse. Cause right now, I’m set to move in July and I still have no job. How will I pay for this place and support myself? On the other hand, no one will give me a job if I’m not in Syracuse. I think the important thing is to choose something and stick with it. This is the start of my career, my adult life, and my attempt at being independent from my parents.

As of right now, I’m still moving and I can’t wait! The uncertainty is a part of growing up, I guess. That doesn’t make it any less hard.


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