Life as a college grad…

So here’s life as a college graduate:

  • no job
  • living with my parents
  • no car
  • currently obsessed with Sex And The City
  • a million in student debt to pay back

I’m trying to figure what I’m going to do with the rest of my life and it’s not going great. I’ve applied to countless jobs (feels like a million) and no one has called me back. (If you’re a future employer reading this: THANK YOU FOR HIRING ME.)

My mom has been on my back about trying to find a job. I feel like I’m back in high school especially since I keep wearing old clothes. I haven’t bothered to unpack anything so I’m wearing whatever I don’t bring to college aka anything  pre-2014.

The real reason for this post is Sex And The City. I was young when the show aired so I never got to see it. I never understood how people talked about it. I never got the references like “are you a Miranda or Samantha?”


Now that I am a graduate, I have time for “frivolous things” like Sex And The City and I love it!

It portrays the lives of very different women and validates each of their perspectives. No matter if you’re crazy about sex like Samantha or more traditional like Charlotte, your feelings and point of view is represented. There is no mocking, only gentle playful poking fun at each woman’s life.


The best part about this show is the fashion. When I watch the show, I can’t help but marvel at whatever Carrie Bradshaw is wearing. I love it because the outfits are sometimes so crazy but thecarrie-bradshaw-outfit-mavatar-19y’re so perfectly elegantly or cool. Carrie can pull off suspenders. I believe in her crazy outfits. They’re not just for this show… they’re realistic. In New York, you can wear whatever you want and Carrie pushes that rule to its limits. But in an amazing, fantastical, and inspiring way, of course.

And this is where I get my inspiration these days. No matter what’s going on with Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie, or Samantha, they always get through it and look fabulous!


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